Information About COVID-19 and its Vaccine कोरोना बीमारी का होगा जल्द खात्मा

Information About COVID-19 and its Vaccine

 कोरोना बीमारी का होगा जल्द खात्मा जल्द ही बाजार में आएगी कोरोना की वेक्सीन

became the talk of the world and it has been a year we aren't over it.people kept waiting for the vaccine which is not yet in the markets.the second wave of corona again startled the countries but there has been no definite name of a vaccine which can be used to combat this deadly virus !


Although many independent companies are indulged in finding a vaccine several countries have made announcements regarding their own version of vaccine.India is the second most affected country and there have been 1.12 million cases registered yet.


Here are the names of the potential vaccines which are being under trails in various countries.WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has given 7 names of seven Candidate countries who are under different stages of trail and testing.




This company is developing the vaccine along with Griffith University , Australia.This vaccine directly targets the cells which are effected by the's still under tests and the pre-clinical tests are going on.the partnership with Australia is a good incentive and further good results can be estimated.This vaccine works by Innovative codondeoptimization technology it's an virus attenuation strategy which increases mRNA stability.this also helps in protein production of synthetic genes.




This is an tremendous development in the field of vaccine.the technique is to use the dead or inactive ones and inject them into host bodies so that the body starts producing antibodies for it.The good news is , the vaccine has successfully finished phase-1 and phase-2 trails.It has been trailed on humans in AIIMS Delhi on three volunteers under the supervision of Dr. M.V Padma Shrivastava.It is notable that the vaccine is being produced by bharat biotech in partnership with ICMR (indian council of medical research.




The vaccine is being made in South has successfully passed phase-2 trail after phase-1.It is in collaboration with international vaccine institute which is developed by INOVIO pharmaceuticals.This vaccine is somewhat construed similarly like mRNA is well known that once after recovering from a disease the human body produces it's antibodies within itself for the prevention of the disease the next time it encounters the same virus.the vaccine contains inactive virus inroder to produce antibodies.




This vaccine is being produced by the collaboration of the pfizer and bioNTECH.this vaccine is similar to mRNA vaccine and uses the same technology which uses the inactive ones.The trails are going on in Europe.




This vaccine was registered by the Russian ministry of health on 11 August ,2020.It is being developed by Gamaleya research was the first ever registered vaccine in the world and also Russia is reliable in respect of vaccines.Russia has committed to supply 100 million doses of the vaccine to India if their trails are successful.




This vaccine is under phase-2 is developed by a US based company moderna which works on the mRNA gives a set of instructions to the body cells in return of which body cells work to produce protiens and then they are sent to various parts of the body.




The similar technology is being used by sinopharm company which is based in China.The inactivated corona virus cells are introduced in the body to trigger the natural immune system of humans.The virus is produced at the labs by using kidney cells of green African monkey.



This vaccine is developed by the Oxford University in partnership with AstraZeneca.The vaccine is currently going into phase-3 trails.the name of the vaccine is ChAdOx1-X.This vaccine introduces the normal cold virus in the body and the corona virus allows it to enter thus it triggers the immune system to produce antibodies against the novel corona virus.



This vaccine produced by genexine consortium . it's under phase-1 trails currently.this works on the similar principle of INOVIO vaccine.the trails are going on in South Korea in the Korea advanced institute of science and technology.



The technology similar to mRNA vaccine is used here...the difference is the it uses saRNA.the full form is self-amplifying ribonucleic acid.the speciality of this vaccine is that it has the capacity to amplify itself which means it multiplies itself faster than mRNA thus is more productive and effective as the producers suggests regarding it.this indirectly generates protiens.whuch works on the immune system.


Thus as a conclusive statement we can say that the world is behind developing a vaccine as a much faster pace.We can only hope that the vaccine soon steps into the markets so that this deadly virus finally gets combated and we all can return back to our normal lives.until then the precautions are to be taken specifically !

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