how to lose weight without diet control or exercise

 how to lose weight without diet control or exercise

आहार नियंत्रण या व्यायाम के बिना वजन कम कैसे करें

The science of losing weight is all about the calories you consume and their expenditure.Unhealthy food habits increase your calorie intake and as a result you will gain weight.So the science behind losing those extra added calories is to keep an eye on what you eat in a day !To ensure a healthy weight focus on a healthy diet.a good diet plan provides all necessary nutrition you require for good health.

Indians are more prone to eat junk food and thus need a indian diet plan.


Carbohydrates -  the major source of energy are carbs.they are of two kinds complex carbs and simple carbs.bread,wheat and rice are complex ones and contain quantities of suger thus oats and ragi are better options for healthy carbs

Protiens - Human body needs 30% of protien intake daily.The food items which have protien content are leafy veges,eggs,gram,pulses,milk and sprouts.So never forget to include these essential items in your diet because protiens help in muscle build up and repair teared tissues.

Vitamins and minerals - the key is to use the 100 gram rule . This means you should eat 100 grams of fruits and vegetables everyday to fulfill the requirements of your body.vitan A,vitamin B,vitamin C ,iron and calcium are very essential for a healthy weight.meat and fish are also good sources of vitamins and minerals.

Fats. - Although the fats have gained a lot of bad reputation in our generation but the major fatty thing is the trans fat which is in the oily snacks we eat.Therefore one should avoid eating oily snacks and junk.Butter and ghee in a stable quantity is nothing wrong.The oils combination used in preparing meals like sunflower oil and olive oil and mustard oil and coconut oil are good sources of fat.


Drink a lot and lots of water -  the major role water plays in your daily routine is to hydrate your muscles so that they do not tear or damage.The hunger prsngs you get between a day can be combated by drinking water regularly.The amount of water you need is to be calculated like - measure your weight in kgs and drink the same amount of water by converting it into ounces.The usual water intake should be between 8-10 glasses per day

The meal divisions - many gym trainers and workout freaks will te you the importance of eating in parts during a day.breakfast should be the king.The other meals should be 6-7 in numbers which should include small portions of healthy fruits,soup,oats,nuts etc.Thus it will help in regulating your hunger

Winner winner , early dinner - The most important key factor is to eat your dinner three hours before you get into your bed. The metabolism rate slows down at a slower pace so the digestion process also slows down.Thus eat your dinner in the evening around 7:30 - 8:00.


1. Curd and mixed stuffed roti

2. Besan chilla

3. Poha

4. sambhar

5. Omlette

6. Oats

THE LITTLE LUNCH BOX sabzi and one and a half roti

2.mixed stuffed paneer

3.stuffed chilla




1.fruit salad

2. Vegetable salad (one cup)

4.milk cream


1.palak sabzi

2.,lauki sabzi

3.chole paneer

4. Moong dal

5.lentil dal

6. Curd and aalu sabzi with 2 rotis.


 Exersize is yet another important factor in buring calories so try to be active and moving throughout the day.cardio,gym,aerobics,zumba whatever join one of them and start moving yourself on the rhythms to enjoy while losing your extra kilos.

Jogging ,walking,running,sprinting and swimming are good exersizes to increase your heart rate which in return will help to burn more and more calories.


give yourself and your body time to lose your extra kgs.Having Patience is very important in this process.Its not one day project.take your body as a long term project and work on it slowly.expecting quick results will leave you unsatisfied and depressed.improve your confidence and body Posture and don't forget to leve yourself everyday.


a good night sleep is very important inorder to combat stress and body pain caused due to exersize and training.thus a good 8 hours sleep is essential to make dure that your body gets a good time to recover itself while you sleep and your don't tear or cause and damages to your muscles while exersizing.It reduces fatigue and strain from your muscle fibre and in return you are EverReady to perform for the next day.So relax and take a good sleep.

At the end it is very important to maintain your diet plan and be consistent with it.consistency is very not lose are going to achieve your desrired weight by training yourself everyday and it's a slow procedure so have patience and enjoy whatever you do while going through this not stress too much in losing quickly.Stay fit and stay healthy.

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