what is agriculture ordinance bill 2020 and What is the peasant movement किसान आंदोलन क्या है?

 #किसान आंदोलन क्या है  जानिए, नए कर्षि कानून में क्या है  सरकार के नए कृषि कानूनों को लेकर किसान आखिर क्यों कर रहे हैं आंदोलन? कृषि कानूनों के खिलाफ देश में किसानों का प्रदर्शन

what is agriculture ordinance bill 2020 and What is the peasant movement

India is an agricultural country because major of its population is indulged into agricultural activities to enhance and increase the income of farmers Modi government has introduced a new bill namely "The farmers bill,2020".The previous bill which was in running was introduced during PM Indira Gandhi's reign and that bill has many limitations on the sale of crops by farmers.the limitation is there are only few buyers of the produce and the market was closed for the other buyers.The new bill has it's major focus on how to enhance market for the farmers in the field of trade and commerce.yet it is facing much opposition and harsh andolans in the country.huge mass agitation has taken place since the bill is passed.Farmers from Haryana and Punjab are mainly taking part in the protests and getting the support from various political parties like congress,DMK , BSP and TMC.The fifth meeting with farmers of the central government turned out again as failure as farmers are fighting for the same thing that the whole legislation should be scrapped.so let us discuss the main features of this bill along with it's core benefits.

Three bills were introduced by Narendra Tomar ji in parliament on 14 September , 2020.


1. The farmers produce ,Trade and commerce (promotion and facilitation) bill ,2020

2. The farmers (empowerment and protection) agreement of price assurance and farm services bill,2020.

3.The essential commodities (amendment)act.


Although PM has assured that minimum support price mechanism will stay in place along with the protection of land ownership.




1. OPEN MARKET SCHEME - The bill enacts that the farmers will now have an open market to sell their produce and thus it will increase the number of huge retailers to buy the crops and will double the income of farmers by 2022.


2. THE DIRECT AGREEMENT - farmers can now have agreement with retailers and exporters including the companies for selling the crops.


3.THE ADVANCE PAYMENTS - The farmers if contracts with retailers then the companies will provide them with necessary implements , infrastructure and inputs like fertiliser, pesticides etc


4. MACHINERY AVAILABILITY - Farmers will be given tractors,thrashers etc for proper yielding of the crops and make everything available for them to keep the crop sustain.


5. CROP INSURANCE - The crops will insured thus will facilitate farmers if the crop fails due to natural Calamities and thus it is an protection to the farmers.


6.THE BEST ADVISE - The companies will provide farmers with the new technological and crop management techniques for a better and huge production .


7.CROP OWNER - The farmers will continue to be the owners of the crop and will be merely guided by the retailers and companies at the first instance.


8. LOANS - The farmers can also take loans for the cultivation and management of the crop.


9. EXEMPTION FROM RULES - the crops will be exempted from the laws of agricultural sale and essential commodities act.




INCREASE IN NUMBER OF BUYERS - when the market will be free from mandis the farmers will have increased number of buyers thus can sell their crops for a better price than they were selling it before the bill.


The crops like wheat and food grains,oil seeds and pulses will be exempted from the essential commodities act and therefore the limitations will be now removed including the taxes on them.


When there will be more competition in the market the farmers can get many prices for their crop and due to the competitiveness they will get maximum price.


Any merchant who has got a PAN number can now get into trade activities and is eligible for trade.Thus indirectly it created an employment opportunities for merchants.


ELECTRONIC TRADE PLATFORMS - This is the ultimate pros of the act that farmers can now export their crop and sell it to other states without any limitations thus as a result the market will increase to the optimum level.


The one nation one market policy will come to play and the crops will be sold throughout the nation and thus taxes will saved because the farmers can now trade with licensed traders across the it will promote barrier free trade among the states.


The investments by the retailers will help in financing the farmers and will facilitate farmers to not to take loans and is a indirect self reliance.The transactions will be online and thus the will reduction of market risks.

The price will be pre decided thus the change in market will not affect the farmers if any diaster or calamity happens unfortunately.




The farmers are saying that the bills are against the interest of small farmers and traders and are labelling it as a conspiracy to end the green revolution.farmers are pointing out that the contract agriculture will sweep out the benefits to the capitalists section of the big companies will start ruling the farmers and thus the prices of the crops will be much reduced and they will face a great loss in agriculture.the retailers will then dictate the small farmers.moreover farmers are concerned by the MSP and they thus completely oppose the bills and their only demand is to scrap down the whole legislation.the government has assured that there will be schemes on making the farmers understand the benefits of the contract farming and 700 shivirs will be organised by the central government for this purpose.despite of this farmers deny the meetings and there is no solution of this agitation yet !

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